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How to get quick and fast feedback?

  • Please send us nameplate pictures + product pictures as many as possible. 
  • Please elaborate on your requirements as much as possible.  

What information do we need?

  1. Nameplate picture + Parts Pictures 
  2. Drawing or Datasheet (If the pictures are not available) 
  3. Quantity  
  4. End user name if you are a dealer or trader  
  5. Shipping Information.

① Nameplate picture + Parts Pictures

  • Nameplate picture (Maker, Model#, Serial#, Specification)

② Drawing or Datasheet (If pictures not available)

  • If the pictures are unavailable, we must have the drawing or datasheet.

③ Quantity

  • Please specify the quantity you need for packing and shipping costs.

④ End user name if you are a dealer or trader 

  • You need to specify the end user name to avoid duplication in RFQs
  • We will protect your sales unless RFQs are duplicated with multiple suppliers 

⑤ Shipping Address (Port, AirPort, and installation location)

  • Shipping Address
  • Nearest International Shipping Port or AirPort name
  • Installation Location 

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