Payment Terms

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How to decide on the payment?

  1. Payment Terms and Conditions
  2. Total Amount
  3. Convenience

How to verify Komachine bank information?

  1. We use only Korean Bank. (Bank Name : HANA BANK) 
  2. We do not have any international office accepting the fund.
  3. The bank information is in every invoice issued by Komachine.
Please verify with Komachine with bank information if you are uncertain.

Komachine Payment Types

 ① T/T (Bank Transfer · Wire Transfer)

  • T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) is a bank transfer, the most standard payment type.
  • We charge you a 25 USD Bank Charge for below 1,000 USD transactions.
  • VIP Customers are exempted from Bank charges.
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② PayPal (Credit Card)

  • PayPal is a Credit card payment, the fastest and easiest payment for buyers.
  • We charge you a 7.5% PayPal transaction fee on the total transaction amount.
  • T/T is better and cheaper if you have a transaction over 1,000 USD.
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③ Net Payment

  • We accept Net Payment only for multinational companies or stock-listed companies.
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④ LC (Letter of Credit)

  • We do not accept LC (Letter of Credit) below 100,000 USD.
  • We currently do not accept LC from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.
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⑤ Cash Payment (Payment in Korea)

  • We do not accept face-to-face cash payment.
  • Your friends or family in Korea can make a bank transfer in Korean Currency to us.
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