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Price Factors of Installation

  1. Engineer or Operator cost: 500~2,000 USD depending on the scope of work
  2. Accommodation: At least 4 Star Hotels (Depending on Countries)
  3. Flight: Direct Flight Preferable + Premium Economy Class

Examples of Installation Cost

  1. Manpower: 1~2 Engineers (Mechanic and Electrical Engineer)
  2. Working Hours: 8 Hours per day 
  3. Working Days: 3 Days 
  4. Travel Days: 1 Day (Round Trip) 
  5. Country and City: Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh

Price Structure

  • Manpower Price: 1,000 USD x 2man x 5 Days = 10,000 USD
  • Accommodation: 200 USD per day x 2 Engineers x 4 days = 1,600 USD
  • Flight from Korea to Ho Chi Minh: 600 USD x 2 = 1,200 USD
  • Total:ย  12,800 USD

Buyer's supply scope

  1. Airport Pick up
  2. Local Transport
  3. Field manpower (To be discussed)
  4. Forklift or crane, if necessary
  5. Utility (Water, Air, Gas, Electrical connection works)

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