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Express Service

Benefits of Express Service

  • Fastest, Safest, and Easiest Shipping Service.
  • Incoterms: DAP Only, It's a door-to-door delivery service.
  • It's Door-to-Door Service, and we deliver the package to your office or factory.
  • Best Choice for High Value and Urgent Package
  • Average Shipping Weight: 1~300kg

Very Important Notice

How to Calculate Express Service?

  1. L x W x H (Length x Width x Height in cm) / 5,000 = Dimensional Weight (Kg)
  2. Packing Weight in Scale = Actual Weight (Kg)
  3. FedEx Charge whichever is higher (Dimensional Weight vs. Actual Weight)
  4. The different country zones have different price lists.
  5. + Read more

Types of Express Service

  1. FedEx (Federal Express)
  2. DHL (Dalsey Hillblom Lynn)
  3. UPS (United Post Service)
  4. TNT (Now FedEx)

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