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Air Cargo

Benefits of Air Cargo

Very Important Notice

How to Calculate Express Service?

  1. L x W x H (Length x Width x Height in cm) / 6,000 = Dimensional Weight (Kg)
  2. Packing Weight in Scale = Actual Weight (Kg)
  3. Airlines Charge whichever is higher (Dimensional Weight vs Actual Weight)
  4. Additional Cost (Trucking, Surcharges, Airport Charge, Insurance, Handling Charge)

Types of Airlines

  • We use different airlines depending on packing weight ยท volume, and destination.

Types of Air Cargo Packing

  • We use different packing depending on packing weight ยท volume, and destination.
  • The most common packing types are the following.
  1. Wooden Packing
  2. Plastic Pallet Packing
  3. Hard Corrugated Paper Pallet Packing
  4. + Read more

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