[3] Net Payment

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Who can proceed with Net Payment?

  1. Multinational Companies
  2. Stock Listed Companies
  3. Komachine's VVIP customers (Transactions above 100,000 USD per year)

Check Point

  1. Komachine may reject the buyer's PO if KSURE (Korea Trade Insurance Corporation) does accept the buyer's financial credibility. 
  2. We do not accept DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)in whichever way. 
We must verify the buyer's information and financial credibility via KSURE (Korea Trade Insurance Corporation) for the Net Payment Process.  

Net Payment Process

  1. Verification of buyer's business information. (Upto 3~10 working days) 
  2. Issue quotation or invoice as per the buyer's terms and conditions
  3. Complete the "Vendor Registration Form" requested by buyers
  4. Buyers send PO (Purchase Order) to Komachine
  5. Sign the contract in case it's required
  6. Payment will be completed as per PO (Purchase Order) by buyers

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