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The best time to use PayPal (Credit Card)

  1. Any transactions below 500 USD
  2. Any transactions for personal purchase
  3. No time to visit the Bank or hate to wait in the bank
  4. Headache to make an International wire transfer
  5. But If the amount is more than 500 USD, please consider T/T (Bank Transfer)


PayPal Charge

  1. PayPal Charge total of 7.5% Transaction fee, including the currency exchange rate.
  2. We recommend T/T (Bank Transfer) for any transaction above 500 USD to save your cost.

PayPal (Credit Card) process

  1. We issue you an invoice with PayPal Link.
  2. Click the "PayPal Button"
  3. Complete the payment through "PayPal" with your "Credit Card"
  4. We send you a "Payment Message with Payment Receipt" after the remittance.

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