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E5) Package Report

What is the Package Report? πŸ“¦ 

The package report shows your πŸ“·(Product pictures) with the πŸ“ƒ (shipping documents). We sent you the Package Report because your package is ready now for delivery. So what happens next? 🚩 There are 3 simple steps you should follow. 

β‘  Package Report is Ready

β‘‘ Double check your order before delivery starts.

  • Please check your product pictures and packing condition
  • You will see the shipping documents (Commercial Invoice + Packing List)
  • You must confirm the two information
  1. πŸ‘ Product information in theπŸ“¦ Package Report Sampl
  2.  πŸ‘ Shipping address with Contact Information 

In case the information is wrong then πŸ“§

β‘’ Delivery

🚨 Warning

  1. We do not accept any sudden changes in product and shipping/delivery address after your confirmation of the package report. 
  2. If you neither respond nor confirm the package report within 7 days after the recipient, we may charge you 50 USD extra for the storage charge. 

Data Updated 2020-Dec-19 by Charlie Park

😐 FAQ about Package Report (Read below) 


Q1. When do I get a Package Report?

We send you a mail once the package is ready for delivery. 

Q2. Can Komachine miss the Package Report?

Nope. Once you make a purchase with Komachine, your order is being handled both Online System and Offline System, so it can't be missed. Every orders has it's own package report. 

Q3. What if I have any problems with the Package Report?

You must tell us the problem before delivery starts. Send us a mail to  

Q4. Shipping will be done after the Package Report?

Yes, we start the delivery only after your confirmation of the pacakge report. 

Q5. How long does it take for delivery?

It depends on shipping/delivery condition. Fedex takes 3~5 working days, Air Cargo takes 5~7 working days and Ocean Cargo takes 10~40 days depends on locations.