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Please find the information about the CO (Certificate of Origin), CQ (Certificate of Quality), and Warranty Letter. In case you need the AK Form or FTA Documents then contact Komachine. 

โ‘  CO (Certificate of Origin) by Chamber of Commerce

๐Ÿšจ Certificate of Origin can be issued only after export, not before.

โ‘ก CQ (Certificate of Quality) by Manufacturer (Komachine)

โ‘ข Warranty Letter or Certificate

Data Updated 2020-Oct

๐Ÿ˜ FAQ about Komachine (Read below) 


Q1. Why the cost for CO and CQ?

Because we have to pay and need to spend much time to arrange the documents.

Q2. Can I get FTA documents?

In case you need AK form or special FTA documents then let us know in advance, this is pretty complicated process.