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D2) Express Service

International Express is the fastest, safest, and easiest shipping service but expensive. It's the door to door service.

Data Updated 2020-Sep 

It's used in the below condition.

  • Urgently needed.
  • Highly valuable products.
  • The weight under 30kg (Sometimes 45kg depends on countries)
  • When you don't care about the shipping cost.
Komachine offer only DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) because we can't estimate the custom duty and VAT in your country.

How to calculate the shipping cost?

  1. Packing Weight calculation (Whichever higher between Weight or Volume)
  2. Check the Destination Country Zone.
  3. Check the price based on packaging weight & zone and send you the price.
  • The buyer should pay customs duty and VAT in case it's needed to be paid before receipt of the package.

③ How does Komachine do?

  • We use UPS because it's cheaper in price, faster for pick up and easier to manage.
  • Once the package is ready to go we send you the Air Way Bill.
  • You can start tracking your package instantly Online. 

④ Can I use my account number?

  • Yes, but you should send us the "Air Way Bill" We do not book the delivery for you.
  • We send you the Pickup address, Contact number, Packing, and Invoice list.
  • You can book the Pick up based on the data we give you to send us the AWB.

⑤ What's the delivery time?

  • It depends on your country due to distance, weekend, holiday, and customs clearance. 
  • Developed countries take 2~3 working days whereas it could take up to 5~10 days for developing countries mainly due to import duty issues.
  • We can't guarantee you the delivery days but our average is 2~3 working days max.

⑥ How can I calculate the estimated cost by myself?

⑦ Can I use EMS by POST Office

  • Nope, We do not accept the EMS service.