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C9) Cash Payment

We can accept Cash Payment in Korea through any channel you want. 

① Cash Payment is acceptable.

  • Company or customers who have family and friends in Korea. 
  • Any currency is acceptable. 
  • Either you can make a transfer in Korea or meet us face to face. 

② VAT (Value added Tax)

  • If you want the package delivered in Korea, without export declaration then VAT10% will be added in the price.

③ Bank Information for Cash Payment in Korea

  • Beneficiary: Komachine (주식회사 코머신)
  • Bank Name: Shihan Bank (신한은행)
  • Bank Account number: 100-032-939562 

Data Updated 2020-Sep

😎 Payment FAQ (Read Below) 


Q1. Can I meet you for the payment?

Yes. We will arrange a payment pick up. You must send us the time and location to meet.

Q2. Can I make a transfer by the Korean currency in Korea?

Yes. You can make a transfer by Korean won from your friends or family in Korea. Once you make a transfer, we will automatically know. So don't worry.