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C8) Net Payment

Net Payment is acceptable only for the global company, multinational company, or stock listed company. 

We accept the net payment for below buyers only. 

  • Multinational Company
  • Stock listed company.
  • Buyers who have more than 10,000 USD transactions before. 
  • Buyers who have more than 5 times of transaction before. 

Maximum amount of Net Payment.

  • It depends on the buyers's credibility. 
  • However, we do not accept the net payment of more than 100,000 USD per case.
  • We accept maximum of 60 days net payment. 

Data Updated 2020-Sep



Q1. I would like to receive the product first before payment.

Sure. if you meet our net payment condition then we will let you know. But if you are a new buyer and do not meet any condition then find other supplier. 

Q2. What's the period of Net Payment?

Depends. Some buyers have 30 days, 45 days, 60 days. It all depends on global company's payment terms. However, if the amount is big and the net payment is long then we could reject since we have to pay full amount to the supplier before shipping.