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C7) LC (Letter of Credit)

We do not accept any LC (Letter of Credit) the below amount of 100,000 USD

① Why Komachine does not like LC (Letter of Credit) when it safe.

  • LC (Letter of Credit) need many documents and complicated process to be handled.
  • We can't handle LC since we have too many cash transactions at the moment.

② If you must use LC (Letter of Credit) due to government policy.

  • In case you must use the payment terms as LC (Letter of Credit) below 100,000 USD
  • Please contact Komachine for further instruction.
  • Unfortunately, we do not accept the L/C from Bangladesh or Pakistan at the moment.

③ Instead of LC, we accept NET payment

  • For multinational companies or stock listed then we accept NET payment. 
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Data Updated 2020-Sep

😑 LC (Letter of Credit) FAQ (Read Below)


Q1. Why Komachine doesn't prefer L/C when it's safe?

Busy. Currently we have too many cash based transactions so we can't really afford to spend big time for L/C Negotiation. If you must have a L/C Transaction then contact us for further instruction.