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C4) Payment

Payment terms and conditions will be decided at the time of purchase.

How to decide the payment?

  • Payment Terms and condition 
  • Total Amount  
  • Convenience 
  • Bank Charge

โ‘  T/T (Bank Transfer)

  • T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) is a bank transfer, It's the most standard payment.
  • We charge you 20~25 USD Bank Charge for below 1,000 USD transactions. 
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โ‘ก Paypal (Credit Card)

  • Paypal is a Credit card payment, the fastest and easiest payment for buyers.
  • We charge you a 7.5% charge of the total transaction amount. 
  • Transaction above 1,000 USD, T/T is much better for buyers and Komachine. 
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โ‘ข LC (Letter of Credit)

  • Currently, we do not accept the LC (Letter of Credit) below the amount of 100,000 USD.
  • We never prefer L/C Payment due to complications of works. 
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  • We accept the Net payment only for the multinational company or stock listed company.                      
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โ‘ค CASH PAYMENT (Payment in Korea)

  • We accept Cash Payment. 
  • Your friend or family in Korea can make a transfer by Korean Currency to us. 
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  • Please check our bank information. 
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Data Updated 2020-Sep

๐Ÿ˜Ž Payment FAQ (Read Below)


Q1. What's the standard Payment Condition?

100% Against P.O. We accept the 100% against P.O for the buyers who have 1st transaction with us. Unless your multinational or stock listed company, net payment is not acceptable. 

Q2. How can I get a Refund?

There are few conditions. If we told you the wrong leadtime or if the leadtime has been extended without specific reason. Also if we send you the wrong products from P.O or invoice then we fully cover your cost or refund you 100%.

Q3. How long does it take to get a Refund?

Max 7 working days. We can either send you money by Paypal with Paypal charge or send you money via Bank. Whichever you want we refund you.