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C1) Buying Process

It's pretty simple for those buyers who actually willing to buy, but hard for the buyers just want to ask for the quotation. 

β‘ πŸ‘‰ RFQ by Buyer β–Ά β‘‘ Verification β–Ά β‘’ Quotation β–Ά β‘£ Purchase Confirmation β–Ά β‘€ Invoice β–Ά β‘₯ Payment ▢⑦ Shipping β–Ά ⑧ Completion β–Ά ⑨ After Service

β‘  Attention

  • 🚨 Specify your business information if you use free email service (ex: Gmail, yahoo)
  • 🚨 We verified once more for buyers from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Africa.
  • 🚨 Do not send us any RFQ without specific information. You will not be responded.
  • 🚨 We do not handle the bidding or Tender project at the moment. 

β‘‘ How to ger faster feedback for your RFQ

  • Specify your requirements with the maker, model number, and quantity.
  • Send us the nameplate picture if they are for the replacement. πŸ‘‰ Read More 
  • Send us the exact requirements Β· specification of a machine.πŸ‘‰ Read More 
  • Specify your delivery condition. πŸ‘‰ Read More 

β‘’ Quotation

  • After verification of your company and RFQ, we send you a quotation.
  • We normally send you the price by email to avoid time waste. 
  • If you must have the price in an official quotation then as us in advance. 
  • If we fail to verify your company then you will get nothing from us. 

β‘£ P.O (Purchase Order)

  • Any amount above 1,000 USD, you must send me P.O (Purchase Order)
  • Specify products, model number, quantity, and shipping condition correctly. 
  • If you already have transactions with us then you can ask for the invoice right away.

β‘€ Invoice

  • After the purchase order, we send you an invoice. 
  • πŸ‘‰ Sample Invoice 

β‘₯ Payment

  • There are many ways for the payment, T/T (Bank Transfer) or Paypal (Credit Card).
  • We do not accept L/C (Letter of Credit) for below 100,000 USD.
  • We accept the Net Payment only for the multinational company or stock listed.
  • πŸ‘‰ Read more  

⑦ Shipping (Delivery)

  • We accept all types of shipping conditions. 
  • We recommend you the cheapest shipping terms if you are not familiar with shipping. 
  • If you want a preferable HS code to save Import duty then send us in advance. 
  • Before we send you the package, we send you the package picture and all shipping documents (Air Way Bill or Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, and Packing List)
  • πŸ‘‰ Read More 

⑧ Warranty and After Service

Data Updated 2020-SEP-01  

😐 FAQ about Komachine (Read below) 


Q1. How much transaction fee do you charge?

It depends. We charge our transaction fee depends on product type (machine or parts), payment and shipping condition. However, we do not charge you separately. Our transaction fee is including in product price. 

Q2. Is Komachine a manufacturer?

Nope. We distribute any machines and parts to the global market. 

Q3. Can I contact the manufacturer directly?

Yes, if the manufacturer agree to handle your RFQ directly then we forward them your RFQ after we verify your company. 

Q4. What's the advantage of Komachine's Buying Service?

Easy, Fast and Safe. More than 90% of the global buyers face a major problem in communication with Korean suppliers. Most of the Korean suppliers are slow in feedback and face many problems in export process. This makes the global buyers to waste so much time and cost in trasnaction process. With Komachine, it's easy, fast and safe. 

Q5. How fast can I get the feedback for my RFQ?

If you already have transactions with Komachine then you will get the quotation within few hours but if you are new then we will have to verify you first and could take few hours or days depends on your RFQ.

Q6. I got the wrong package, Can I get refund?

Yes. If we send you wrong products from the purchase order, then we fully refund you back. 

Q7. Is Komachine Safe?

Yes. We completed more than 25 Million USD with 1,000 customers from 60 countries in two years (2017~2019), and the growth rate is 10% every month.

Q8. We need many documents to buy and for shipping?

Yes. If you are a multinational company, you will need many documents. Certificate of origin, Warranty Letter, Test Report, Certificate of conformity and many documents. We can provide you all the documents you need.