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B2) Marketing Pricing

Company Registration 路 Product Upload is a prepayment service. This is no refundable process so make a decision carefully.

See the sample page 馃憠 Atlantic Fluid, Italy  


  • 1,000 USD for Company Registration and Upto 20 products Upload
  • 50 USD per product if you have more than 20 products to upload
  • EX) 1,000 USD = Company Data Registration and up to 20 Products Upload
  • EX) 1,500 USD = Company Data Registration and up to 30 Products Upload 
  • No Annual Subscription, this is a one-time payment
  • Additional charge for Korean translation (Depends on work time) 

Payment Process

  1. Complete 馃憠 Registration Form  
  2. We send you an invoice by Paypal or T/t
  3. Complete payment 
  4. Registration 路 Upload done (Max within 48 Hours)
  5. Adjustment (3 times max)

Payment Information

  • ACCOUNT Number (IBAN Number): 180-007-686800
  • Swift Code: SHBKKRSE
  • Bank Address: 1360, Jungbu-Daero Choeingu, Yongin City, Gyeonggido Korea

Data Updated 2020-Sep

馃檮 Payment 路 Pricing 路 Refund FAQ 


Q1. How to make the payment? T/T or Credit Card?

Both. You can make the payment by T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) or by Credit card through Paypal. We send you an invoice for the payment. 

Q2. Can I get some discount?

Sure. But only you have more than 20 produdcts to upload. After we check the total numbers of the product to upload we decide how much disocunt we provide. 

Q3. I have less than 20 products, what will be the price?

1,000 USD. Minimum online marketing price is 1,000 USD. Whether you have 5 products or 20 products. 

Q4.Can I get Refund?

Impossible. The result of online marketing takes some time. If you get the instant marketing result with us, then we will charge you way higher than 1,000 USD. 

Q5. Why can't I get refund?

If company registration 路 upload products are simple, then we can refund you. But, the way we handle your data is to be done by the data expert with the most optimized know-how and experience of Komachine.