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B1) Online Marketing

You can start your online marketing in the Korean Market and Global market within 48 Hours. Registration is way simpler than other B2B Sites. Fill up the馃憠 Registration form and we send you an invoice for the payment. Done. 

See the sample page 馃憠 Atlantic Fluid, Italy  

馃毃 We only accept the company from Korea, Japan, Europe, America. If you are from other country then you must be multinational company or stock listed. 

馃榾 The Advantage of Online marketing with Komachine

  • Focused: We are specialized in the machine industry sector only.
  • Effective: No.1 online machine platform both in Korea and in Asia (Except China)
  • Easy: We register your information and upload your products. 
  • Faster: Within 48 hours, the registration and upload will be done. 
  • Cheaper: It's a one-time payment we do not charge you yearly based. 

馃挷 Price of Online Marketing (Company Registration 路 Product Upload)

  • 1,000 USD for company registration and up to 20 products upload.
  • 50 USD per product if above 20 product upload.
  • One time payment, no annual fee.

馃榾 The Data we Register路Upload

Company Data

  • Company Name (Korean/English)
  • Company Logo
  • Address
  • Phone number 路 Fax Number
  • Website Url
  • Contact Person 路 Contact Email
  • English or Multi-Language Catalog
  • Company Banner Design (English/Korean)
  • Category profile image
  • Company Overview Title 
  • Company Introduction Description.
  • Company Search Keyword 

  Product Data

  • Product name, Model name, Series name
  • Product Image Edit and Upload
  • Product Video and any documents in PDF
  • Product Description
  • Product Keywords

Data Updated 2020-Sep

馃檮 Online Marketing 路 Registration FAQ


Q1. Can we do this without products?

No can do. Without products, you can't do any online marketing. It's never effective without products information. 

Q2.Can we do this without our website?

Possible. But we will need your product catalog, which must include your company and product information.

Q3. How do we register a company and upload products?

We do the work. You send us the data we need then we will complete the work in the most sophisticaed data handling work for best online marketing solution. 

Q4. We want to see the sample.

See all the suppliers in Komachine. 馃憠 Atlantic Fluid, Italy 

Q6.Do you edit the product pictures too?

Yes. If you send us any original pictures file then we do everything for you. 

Q7.Can we upload the Company and Product video?

Yes. Send us Youtube links of all the videos you want to display in Komachine. 

Q8.Can we upload catalog, manual, specification, drawing, or any other documents?

Yes. Send us all documents in PDF file then we upload any files in Komachine. But you should mention the exact properties of PDF file, such as specification, drawing, manual or catalog. 

Q9. Can we upload the data on our own?

Nope. In order to maintain the data quality we upload all the data for you. Beside it's pretty complicated to upload the data by your own. 

Q10. What language service do you provide?

For now, only English and Korean but we will expand our service to Vietnamese, Chinese and Russian in the future. 

Q11. Do you provide Korean Translation Service?

Yes, but we charge you higher than average tranlsation company. We provide you simple sentence translation servie for free but in case you have a big volume to translate then contact the translation company first. 

Q12. How do buyers contact me if they want to buy my products?

Email. You will get an email if any buyers are interested with your product. First we filter the spammer and forward the inquiry to your registered email.

Q13. Can I open my email address on Komachine page?

Nope. Because there are security and spam issue. We experienced some of Chinese companies crawling the email data from Komachine for marketing and spam purpose. So we decided to close the email data. But trust me, we never miss the verified inquiry. 

Q14. I have less than 20 products, what will be the price?

1,000 USD. Minimum online marketing price is 1,000 USD. Whether you have 5 products or 20 products, it's same the price. But remember, this is one time payment not annual subscription like other B2B Site. 

Q15. Can we replace our domain to Komachine Page?

Possible. But in order to do this, we need an additional work so we charge you 100 USD per work. Also this applies only for the paid members. 

Q16. Can Komachine be our agent in Korea?

Possible. But at the moment, we do not provide the offline based work. We provide onlu the online based work.