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A2) Komachine Service

Komachine is the largest online machine platform in Korea and is Asia (Except China), connecting more than 7,000 machine suppliers with 100,000 global buyers from 150 countries every month. We aim to create the largest global machine industry online platform in the world. 

The services, Komachine provide

Development and Operation of "Machine Industry Online Platform"

  • We run the largest machine industry online platform in Korea and Asia.
  • Register Company and Upload their products in our Platform. 
  • 7,000 Companies, 100,000 products and 10,000 documents 

② Online marketing service for Machine Industry. 

  • Online marketing for Machine Industry in the Korean Market. 👉 Atalntic Fluid    
  • Online marketing for Machine Industry in Asian & Global Market. 👉 LS Mtron   
  • 100,000 MAU (Monthly Activated Users) from 150 Countries. 
  • How to register and do online marketing with Komachine. 👉 Read more  

③ Buying Service for Global Buyers. 

  • We provide the easiest, fastest, and safest buying service for global buyers. 
  • We completed more than 25 Million Buying service for global buyers in 60 countries.
  • One-stop service for Quotation, Invoice, Payment, Documents, and Shipping.
  • How to buy a machine and Parts with Komachine? 👉 Read more  

④ Platform Business

  • We develop a successful online platform for all types of Industry. 
  • The first successful online machine industry platform in Korea 👉 Komachine 
  • The first successful online shipbuilding industry platform in Korea 👉 Komarine 
  • Several Online platform projects are going on. 

Data Updated 2020-Sep



Q1. What is a major difference from other B2B Sites like Alibaba?

Komachine is specialized in machine industry sector only, and major companies in Komachine are Korean Companies. Instead of company register and upload products, we do everything for company, so much simple and easy process for company. At last, not only the global online marketing we provide buying service for global buyers too. 

Q2. I am a global buyer, how to buy a machine and parts from Korea?

More than 90% of global buyers's major complaint is communication, buyers always want fast and quick feedback. But Most of the machine companies in Korea are SMEs, unable to speak good english and respond you fast. Komachine provides the eaeist, fastest and the safetest buyung service. 👉 Read More 

Q3. I am a global supplier, how to do online marketing in Korea?

First of all, you must complete the 👉 Registration form, then we will send you an invoice for the payment. 👉 Read More  

Q4. I am a government, how to build the platform in my country?

You must specify the industy type, estimate the companies and numbers of the product. Also we will need to know the total budget. Our Platform Development Service cost 100,000 USD to 500,000 USD depends on the size of project.