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A1) Komachine Profile

Komachine is a Korean Startup, developing, and operating the largest online machine platform in Asia (* except China). We connect more than 7,000 machine suppliers with 100,000 global buyers from 150 countries every month, completed more than 25 million dollars of transactions with global buyers from 60 countries in 2 years. 

                               [The first Komachine's Pitching Video in 2016.Feb]

① Komachine Value

  • Transform offline based machine industry database to Online.
  • Better and cheaper online marketing service for the machine Industry.
  • Easier search, faster contact, and safer trade service for global buyers. 

② Komachine Roadmap

  • 1) Successful Global Launching by 2020. (Beta Service since 2019. March)
  • 2) Transform 90% of the Korean Machine Industry to Online by 2021 (Now 30%)
  • 3) Complete 100 Million US Dollars of Transaction with 100 countries by 2022.  
  • 4) Develop the largest global machine industry online platform by 2023.
  • 5) Complete 500 Million US Dollars of Transactions by 2024.

③ Komachine Promise.

  • Understand user "Better, deeper and wider".
  • Accept "Harder, Tougher, and stronger challenge" for users.
  • Deliver "Easier, faster, and safer service" for users.   

Data Updated 2020-Sep

😐 FAQ about Komachine (Read below)


Q1. Komachine run by the Korean government?

Nope. Komachine is a startup in Korea, Company Limited (LLC in US)

Q2. Komachine is related to a Korean government agency?

Nope. But we constantly work with Korean government for many project related to machine industry. 

Q3. Komachine is a manufacturer?

Nope. We are a software startup. Develop and operate the largest online machine platform in Asia. We provide the online marketing service for machine suppliers and trade (Buy and Sell) service for global buyers. 

Q4. How big is the Korean Machine Industry?

According to UNComm, global machine industry has at least more than 2.4 Trillion Dollars of transactions every year and Korean Machine Industry generate more than 90 Billion dollars of market every year. 

Q5. Who is Charlie? Is he real?

I am real. Charlie is a founder and CEO of Komachine. In fact, there are more than 1 million users in the world heard of my name because of Komachine.