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D3) Air Cargo

Air Cargo is the second fastest and safetest shipping service, cheaper than International Express but higher than Ocean Cargo. 

It's used in below condition.

  • Urgently needed and distant countries from Korea.
  • Highly valuable products.
  • The weight above at least 30~45kg 
  • When you less care about the shipping cost.
Komachine offer only DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) because we can't estimate the custom duty and VAT in your country.

How to calculate the shipping cost?

  1. Packing Weight calculation (Whichever higher between Weight or Volume)
  2. Inland pick up Charge (From factory to the Incheon International Airport)
  3. Wooden or Pallet Packing Charge.
  4. Check the Destination Airport name. 
  5. Air Freight. 
  6. FSC (Fuel Surcharge) on total kg (lbs).
  7. Airport Fee.
  8. THC (Terminal Handling Charge) on total kg.
  9. Handling Charge & Document Fee.
  10. Export Custom clearance charge.
  11. Insurance based on total value.
  • Buyer should pay custom duty, VAT and custom clearance, storage charge and Inland transport to the local destination.
Komachine use multiple forwarding or Shipping company to make the Air Cargo price at the cheapest level by comparing the quotation every time.

How does Komachine do?

  • We search different airlines depends on destination country and schedule. 
  • We choose the middle range priced airlines for safety issue, avoid LCC (Low Cost Carrier)
  • Once the package is ready to go we send you the Surrendered bill of landing.
  • We send you the local agent contact, handling your package in your country.

④ Can I use my own forwarding company?

  • Absolutely, you can send us your own forwaridng company contact details. 
  • We will directly contact your forwarding company to handle the shipping.
  • Delivery term can be Ex Work or FCA (Free Carrier) to Incheon international airport.
  • You can send them our email. "" & "+82-10-9211-8628"

⑤ What's the delivery time?

  • It depends on your country due to distance, weekend, holiday and custom clearance. 
  • Developed countries take 3~5 working days whereas it could take upto 5~10 days for developing countries mainly due to import duty issue.
  • We can't guarantee you the delivery days but our average is 3~5 working days max.