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C6) Paypal (Credit Card)

Paypal (Creidt card) Payment is the most easiest and convenient ways to make the payment for buyers.

① It's mostly used for buyers below. 

  • Private buyer or private company owner.  
  • The total amount below 500 USD.
  • Having problem to visit Bank to make the transfer.
  • When you don't care about the additional charge.

Why do we charge you Paypal Charge?

  • Because paypal charge us 4.4% additional charge. 
  • We charge you 4.4% additional charge for total amount of invoice (Product + shipping)
  • Price above 500 USD,👉 Bank Transfer (T/T) is more cheaper for buyer.
  • 👇 We charged the customer total 506 USD (For 485 USD).  
  • 👇 But We received 483.44 USD USD (Paypal commission was 22.56 USD )

Data Updated 2020-March

😑 Paypal (Credit Card) FAQ (Read Below)


Q1. Does Komachine prefer Paypal?

Never. In fact, we sometimes loose money by using paypal because their exchange rate is at least 5~10% lower than the bank exchange rate. We strongly recommend you to make the payment by T/T if the total amount is more than 1,000 USD. 

Q2. When is good to use Paypal for buyer?

Total Amount below 500 USD. Supposed, the total amount is 1,000 USD then you will have to pay 44 USD for paypal charge and at the same time we loose around 50 USD due to low paypal exchange rate. So total 99 USD, 10% of the total transaction amount is eaten by Paypal.